May 11, 2011

Never met a bad Woody.

There are some names that are notoriously associated with bad, perhaps evil people.

"Woody" is like the opposite.

They are jovial, creative, all around nice guys.  I had heard that a Woody worked at Philadelphia Brewing Co- but I had never met him.  Three years go by. Then finally -I'm sitting at the new 2nd St. Brewhouse when two PBC delivery guys come in with a couple cases. I ask if I can snap their pic by the celebrity Kenzinger truck.  They comply. Photo is snapped then the introductions begin.  It's Paul Butterly and Woody.  Butterly thought it would be a fun idea to get Woody and Woods.
Fans of the Kenzinger truck can meet the truck and get their pictures taken with it at the Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant  Wednesday during Beer Week's "Meet the Drivers" event-- June 8th between 5 and 8.  You can also friend the wheels of legend on FaceBook.

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