May 27, 2011

One Week Countdown to 4th Annual Philly Beer Week-This is Where I'll be as I'm Dunked, Punched and Defeated

Beer Week is one week away. I've been prepping. I haven't had coffee in four days.  I am going to eat more mushrooms than a Kennett Square farmer. More spinach than Popeye. Tofu? I'll learn to like you.

I have 20 events that Sly Fox is involved in- compared to 33 last year.  It was hard to not host a few- but i needed to scale back from last year.  Having said that- my enthusiasm is increased.  I have willingly or unwillingly gotten myself involved with a few silly events throughout the week including a Dunk Tank at London Grill on Tuesday and a boxing match at Kite and Key on Saturday the 4th. A little different than the Monell Sensory tasting and Ladies Tea of yesteryear.

I'll be playing kan jam at the Four Seasons, drinking cans of Sly Fox on Thursday June 9th from 4 till 6- then I will head to Johnny Brenda's where I -joined by other beer clubbers- will be playing records. It will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  The night might start off with a little beer-drinking music- and go in the direction of a dance floor who knows???  But I hope you head to Girard and Frankford at  8 pm on Thursday to find out.  We tried to do this last year as well but I barely owned a record and even hired someone with experience to guide us through the night. NOT this YEAR.  I've been spending my limited loot on the side on 45s. I've got everything from Men Without Hat's "Pop goes the World"  (which I played last Saturday Morning 5.21) to summer fun Beach Boys, or summer fun Mungo Jerry. You want some garage grit-I've got your Troggs, you want some New Wave, I've got your New Order, you want to hear something new- I got that too.
Recently, I even bought two turntables (cheap-as-hell-used-off-of-Craig-List-but nice-looking Numarks- can't do Technics just yet) and a Mixer -no microphone- come on everyone- soooo expected- but this will be "where it's at".

Also- for those of you that have drank their fill at Opening Tap- and are ready to make some bad decisions- like help drain a pin of Panacea Barley Wine- I will be at Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant after Opening Tap. Look for people passing out flyers at Independence Visitor Center- to guarantee your $1 off all beers.

Sunday-join me for brunch and we can recap the first two days  at Kennett in Queen Village. Brian Ritchie makes great food.  Later that night you can find me and two of my favorite people in the beer biz, Chris Morris of Philadelphia Brewing Co, and Wendy Domurat of Dogfish Head, at Local 44.  We'll be asking beer trivia questions.

Monday is the official beer week event surrounding Broederlijke Liefde, the collaboration between Sly Fox's Brian O'Reilly and De Proef at Race St. Cafe. a bevy of De Proef beers will be there as well as some other Sly Fox offerings.  On Wednesday if I don't drown in the dunk tank on Tuesday- is Mcglinchey's Keep the pint and a CAN event at BAR.  Which right now doesn't have a theme. And I might just keep it that way.

Friday is the 4th annual Firkin-off at Good Dog between Sly Fox and South Hampton. Last year- Sly Fox didn't take home the horse's butt trophy. WE WON.  This year we will compete with Keller Pilsners. Including the Standard Pils brewed by William Reed and Brian O'Reilly just for beer week.

Saturday 6/11- we do the Beermuda Triangle in Fairmount at 2 pm. Running between Bishop's Collar, Kite and Key and St. Stephens Green. Cans are waiting for you at each stop. Don't forget the Milk Thistle.

Sunday- an event I always look forward to the Fergies (That totally unnecessary drink). It's karaoke with brewers and beer peeps that look like hell, probably smell the same.  We're delirious. I will have been punched and dunked by now.
Perhaps I will have victories in Kan Jam, Firkin-kicking, and at the turntables.

Please email me with any questions.  Of course this was a self-serving post about where you can see me embarrass myself all week.
Don't fret-there will be several others offering suggestions on locations where you can see other reps like Nick Johnson and Cameron Saunders embarrass themselves.

Cheers. See you out there somewhere. Some where. I know I'll find you somehow


  1. And I'll be doing my best about town to find the Nicks, Camerons, Suzies, Niebuhrs, et als of the beer world doing the best to embarrass themselves :) (couldn't let the Niebuhrs off the hook here)

    oh, and p.s., Kan Jam....better get to practicing, competition will be fierce :-D

  2. Great post of events! You'll need a week off after this...maybe two! See you on Thursday. :)