May 11, 2011

Philly Beer Week Guide comes out today! Jose Pistolas talks of an Aztec Goddess

I got a sneak peak of the Philly Beer Week Guide yesterday and Gold Star PW- You did a stellar job.

Everyone present decided that Jose Pistolas had the best 50 word describing what you can find at 263 S. 15th st.

 Perhaps you can't read it right now- but rest assured it mentions Aztec Goddesses and Streams of Margaritas.  Just in case you want some tequila in your beer week. Thanks God there's no tequila week.

Outside of Bar advertisements- there is no Event listing.
So you can plan your 10 days of bar hopping, dinners and dunktanks....hit up

Also- by the time Beer Week arrives (23 days) there will be free apps for both iphones and Droids.

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