May 18, 2011

Ripley's Believe it or Not: $4.50 Petrus Oak-Aged Pale Ale- 2nd St. Brewhouse

When 2nd St. Brewhouse opened- Co-owner Tiffany Ainsley told  "City's Best" that they would attract people looking for  the craft beer experience on a Miller Light budget.

I know (and love) Tiffany but I thought that was a boxed statement out of a  "Ripley's Believe It or Not" book.

I was so excited for her and fiance Jimmy Clark as they are long-time friends of one of my best friends.  I knew they were looking into buying a bar for a while.
But Raw Dawgs?
It was the greenest (as in color, not composting) place I had ever seen in my life. Oz couldn't touch it. It had a horrible reputation.
I guarantee you they were pouring more blackberry vodka shots than Yards brawlers.

But when someone dedicates as much time to anything as they have to the corner of 2nd and Morris since February- good great  things happen.

Jim Clark has kept it quiet as he revamps the building.  The green is gone. The place looks great.
He's been rather reserved on promoting and advertising until it's where he wants it.
They're definitely  open for business (12pm- 2 am).
The beer list will impress. See below.
A familiar face is behind the bar-well-known man about South-Philly- Rocco Renzetti.
Food will come soon. They even joked about being a "crockery," embracing a variety of South Philly-style sandwiches.

The back room is welcoming. Tables (including the dining table of Clark's youth) juke box,darts, beer signs.
I envisioned the large, oblong tables encouraging groups to gather around during a happy hour and chat about the work day done while sipping on a Petrus Pale Ale for a mere $4.50 (still just $5.50 when it's not happy hour).

Walk- Don't run to get there only because Jimmy and Tiffany are still grooming the bar.
You know- get rid of those glass shelves that once held the blackberry vodka...
But once you arrive- you'll like what you see-and so will your wallet.

They are participants of Philly Beer Week- and will be celebrating their first one with a keg drain of local breweries on Saturday, June 4th 8 pm.

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