May 2, 2011

Three cheers for Peggy- the 3 legged goat- the champion goat of Sly Fox's annual Bockfest

Thanks to David Evans for mailing this photo over.

We were sitting in "Peggy's Section."
Tees were available for purchase- and over 100 people were chanting for the three-legged goat (that also raced as a baby last year).

I didn't place any bets in Phoenixville yesterday- but I was thinking that it was going to be a hat trick for Dax- the only two-time champion in the history of the May  festival.

The owner of Dax- Karl Lorah- even started to charm me.  Sporting a NY Giants shirt for the third year in a row- he's the Gargamel, the Gannon, the enemy of all goat race attendees.  I started to kinda like him in a Ric Flair kind of way.  Ric Flair would enter the wrestling ring in the late 80s to an ovewhelming amount of boos. He didn't care. He wore the royal purple robe with pride.  And my best friend loved him for it.  He was even the Nature Boy for a Halloween or two I think.  I caught Lorah having  a nice moment or two with a few of his friends. A hug here or there.  Thankfully he  had a support system to empathize with him after Dax took a major tumble right at the finish line.  A fallen champ gives way to a three-legged goat victory.

Then comes the commemorative tapping of the firkin.  Peggy Maibock poured just beautifully. One of the most vibrant cask beers I have seen in some time.

With the addition of a "tickets only policy" that allowed for quicker line movement, plush goats for the youngsters, water bottles and additional recycling bins- this may have been the best Bock Fest yet.

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