May 31, 2011

Two Track: After the Goldrush

When I was in college- I pulled more than a few all-nighters as an Advertising student with campaigns due and papers to write.  One night I remember hitting a late night happy hour- then going off to Willard hall (I can't believe I remember the name of the building) to work in the 24 hour computer lab.

I handed in the paper at an 8 am class. And was looking forward to bed.  It was my senior year. I was tired as hell.  I had 21 credits that final semester and didn't know if I was going to make it.

As I am walking down Beaver ave- I passed some hippy head shop with a speaker singing to the passerbys.

Right at the moment I was walking by- the part of "After the Gold Rush" where Young sings "Then the sun burst through the sky" came on.  I almost feel like I already wrote about this story before.   Sorry If I did. 
Here's your Tuesday two track. Radiohead and Neil Young. Enjoy the sun today.

RADIOHEAD- Live 2003 *Neil Young fan Lance Romance doesn't like this version for some reason.

NEIL YOUNG - Live 1978

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