May 24, 2011

Two Track: Like a Rolling Stone -Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan Edition

I remember an August day in 1996 when my dad dropped me off at a  Berkshire Village apartment on West Reading Ave. The dorms at PennState Berks were at full-capacity and I was one of the few students that had to live off-campus.

PennState had matched me with two gals to room with. They hadn't arrived yet.  I had electricity and that was about it. So I sat at a table, and listened to the radio. When I turned it on "Like a Rolling Stone" was on.
One would think that this day of emancipation would have me ear to ear. But I cried and cried.  My boyfriend  Lee was headed to Harrisburg for College.  I missed him. He was my first love. I missed all my friends. I had always read about times of uncertainty, times of loneliness. But I can't remember a time before or since that I felt either with such weight.

I was totally on my own. And it didn't seem nearly as glamorous as the "first apartment" Pine Sol commercials.

So here's a Happy birthday to Bob Dylan. This two-track is for you. I picked Hendrix for this one...but of course there's Rolling Stones, Judy Collins and countless others that also gave the six minute plus song a whirl.



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