May 11, 2011

Two Track-= "Pills" via New York Dolls and Bo Diddley

Zyrtex-D has been my best friend this week.  Not just the aisle stuff--but I went for the box you have to purchase from the pharmacist only after showing your drivers license and signing off on it- because apparently people make it into meth.

I'm only allowed to take one every twelve hours- but I'm not a big pill person- so I came up with some theme music and marked my 72 hours of tissues, barely breathing and head strain with a little "Pills" by the New York Dolls- an LP that I have recently added to the collection and that you might just get to hear at Johnny Brendas on June 9th.

While I was searching for Youtube videos- I was thrilled to learn that it was a Bo Diddley original. Awesome! I downloaded that right away and now the 45 rpm search begins.

Here are both versions-=
New York Dolls

Bo Diddley

Maybe I will make my own rendition about Pikeland Pils. "Into my head- into my head- Pikeland Pils into my head" Nah- Ill just leave it alone.

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