June 13, 2011

Best Bite: Beer Week Edition

This is a tough one because I had delicious bacon pancakes at Kennett (they serve brunch every Sunday and late night pizza till 1 am), and a slider with pork roll at the Four Seasons that I wouldn't stop recommending for days.  I can tell you that it's definitely not the creamed chipped beef I had with Wendy at the Midtown diner after the Tud. Nor the 3 am Kielbasa I cooked up at my neighbors house mid-week.

It's going to to one of the 7 sandwiches I consumed at "Punk Rock and Finger Sandwiches" at Nodding Head on Monday starring guest chef , Sean Paxton. It was definitely a highlight of the week and such a great value. For $60 you could get 7 sammies, ice cream and beer pairings including Dogfish beers (several vintage) and Nodding Head beers.

Second course in - a cubano was probably the best cubano I ever ate.

The best Cuban sandwich ever

So these were just some of mine- what are yours?

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  1. For me it was the Black Butte Braised Goat Mole, corn arepa, and lime picked onion at the London Grill Deschutes dinner. Yum.