June 27, 2011

A look into some newer Bella Vista Byos

In the last year- two very different eateries opened up near my abode-Big Fish and Nina's Trattoria.
Lance and I have walked by Nina's countless times- but we finally made it there last night after he was motivated by a groupon.  We started off with some mutant gnocchi- Half spinach-half Ricotta. Then moved on to a Lamb Shank with mushroom risotto and some Stachetti (little pasta purses filled with walnuts) in a (Mike) fava bean cream sauce. The pastas were the highlights. It was a bit pricier than I think they Italian Mkt BYO should be. The owner Nick came over and said hi.  They were playing opera for us when we came in-then Nick asked us if we like the Rolling Stones- we replied positively and he put the Stones on.  With the groupon it came to $38. Unfortunately we were the only ones in there. Hopefully business will pick up for them. Sunday nights are rough in the Summer.

The second spot- is Big Eye Sushi.  Suki and Sam are your sushi chefs and they're the nicest guys in Philadelphia.  The sushi is ridiculously cheap- but very good.  "Designer" rolls that are $16-$18 at other sushi spots are merely 8-10 here. I have much more to write but I will quickly tell you that if you go tonight you might hear Kenny G or Aud Lang Syne in the background.  But don't worry I am making them a mix cd this week.

Both are BYOs. I recommend Witbier or champagne for Big Eye (7th and Bainbridge).  We did a bottle of spanish red blend for Nina's (9th just south of Christian).

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