June 17, 2011

The Magenta Detox Wonder

I could write all day about detox.
I have done an okay job this post beer week.
I drank borderline abnormal amounts of water- barely any coffee, no soda.
Yep- just water and a little zero calorie "turbo tea" my workoutaholic sister turned me on to- but since that has caffeine. I probably can't count that as part of a detox post.

I went to check out the new bar at the Whole Foods in Devon and walked out with a bunch of spinach, mushrooms, and BEETS. Beets- it's what for dinner detox.

I haven't perfected raw beets yet- so I've been cheating with cans. I empty them into tupperware as soon as I get home and put them in a fridge. I toss them in a tarragon vinegar and add sea salt and cracked pepper. Last night I even snuck onto my neighbors patio ( I DID knock once- I'm not a total beet burgular) and stole some mint.

I never cared for them growing up- now I can't get enough. Lucky for me (and you) there are beets all over menus in our city.  Next time you're thinking appetizer avoid that munchie combo (I'm looking at you Wendy) and try some liver- detoxing beets.

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