June 15, 2011

Matyson welcomes Sly Fox Brewing on Tuesday, June 28th.

Sly Fox has received much buzz around the interweb this week with the announcement of their new brewery.
Now they are teaming up with collaborative chef Jesse Kimball of Memphis Taproom and Ben Puchowitz who has been in charge of MATYSON's  kitchen since his cousins' departure. A 'lil history-that's where Kimball hung his whites at the end of the night prior to Memphis's opening.   I was delighted when they contacted us to co-host a dinner there. I would love to do a series of similar dinners but am honored to kick it off with Matyson.

I have written about this before- the concept of bringing large format bottles of beer to BYOs is not often discussed and definitely not overdone.  There's such a variety of beer out there that people aren't aware of.  Abbey ales, smoked beers, crisp pilsners, earthy saisons should always be considered when looking at the menu on the web and making your reservation.  Bring a bottle of beer and wine- then see what happens when you sit down. Hopefully this night of collaboration will enlighten BYO diners that dismiss beer.

 Here's the menu. I can't wait.
The menu is $75 ++ and you receive a beer complimentary with each course. Trust me-it's worth every George. Call to reserve your table 215-564-2925.  

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