June 20, 2011

Midnight in Paris and Alles ist gut at Brauhaus

Last night Lance Romance and I decided to visit the cinema.  We went to "Midnight in Paris"- the Woody Allen film featuring Owen Wilson as a writer trying to break free of the TV world and pen a novel while his entitled fiance and him visit Paris (with her parents).  We were fifteen minutes early. Most people would grab their concession snacks and watch previews- but Lance and I bolted across the street to Positano Coast and had a quick cocktail.  Mine had hibiscus, carrot juice, tequila, and more. It was vibrant fuchsia- but it was good.  Lance ordered a gin concoction and was a bit disappointed that it was sweeter than he had anticipated.

We enjoyed the movie. Lots of great scenery, music and fun literary and art references of Paris in the 1920s.  Expatriate writers abound like Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein.  I won't say anymore-but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be after reading the briefest synopsis. See it when you can- especially if you love that era.

We decided to have a bev on the way home. Lance was in the mood for a beer. I was thinking vino.  We stopped at Brauhaus. I think it's the first time I ever ordered wine there. I've had my share of Gewurtztraminer, Gruner Veltliners, and Rieslings, but didn't know much about Alsatian Reds.  Bar manager-Alyssa- told me that Pinot Noir is making a comeback there- so I ordered one.  Lance got a light German witbier.  It was a bit pricey- but we were intrigued by a German witbier as opposed to weissbier- so he went for the $10 .3 liter.  It was so light and a nice complement to our crisp, refreshing cucumber salad.  I also ordered a rich mushroom and spinach strudel- which was a tad heavy for a summer night- but soooooo good. Perhaps one of the best bites I ever had at the brauhaus.  I do recommend it-whether or not it's summer.  It's that good.

The chap and I were weighing a few different options for our nightcap that night- and we were pleased with our decision. Sometimes the Brauhaus gets a bit too crowded and you can't get one of the 14 seats at the bar.
On a Sunday night- when people are readying for their week ahead, and the lovely Alyssa is behind the bar- that is the perfect time to pay a little visit to the Black Forest of South St.

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