June 19, 2011

To Pops!

As they say- parenting is never easy.  Parenting 5 times over would seem borderline impossible. My parents had five children within 10 years.  My two older sisters are 14 months apart. We were raised rather strict although we weren't problem kids at all. My dad, a marine, my mother a school teacher....no elbows on the table, no playing with your food, and certainly no disrespecting- which according to my mother included saying the word "what." That still a mystery to me 33 years later.

My dad was the one that let us watch Al Bundy on Sunday nights.  He taught us chess, and brought us fishing. He encouraged us to put ham on just about everything and to never be shy with thyme.  I still remember him helping me write a paper on ideology of the Korean war in high school.  He's bailed me out of countless parking tickets. But more than the dad helping kid stuff that he's so good at- he's just an awesome guy. You want him at your party.  He's got stories about stories (It's a Woods thing).  I don't think he goes on the internet unless he's checking his stocks (He thinks facebook is "tripe") so he probably won't see this. But I am grateful every day to have had the upbringing I did.  People always ask me if it's tough being a woman in the beer biz. I never really think of it.  I'm not tough per se, but I am a lot  tougher than I used to be-as are all my sisters. My dad wasn't going to have "wussies" for grown daughters.  He told us the world wasn't going to deal with our tears. And he was absolutely right.  Again.  Love you Dad. 

Happy Father's day to all the pops out there especially Adam Ritter (Sidecar) and Casey Parker (Jose Pistolas) celebrating their first one today.

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  1. hahahaha...i remember no saying "what" on gruber rd. only "excuse me" was acceptable!