June 24, 2011

Week in Rewind <<<<<<<<<: Sly Fox on the Road


Another week gone by- busy as heck.
Started off with an excellent Father's Day picnic at Green Lane Park.  I tried to work on my Kan Jam game because it's nothing short of pathetic and my younger sister once told me that is the worst thing you can say about someone.  First I embarrassed myself in front of my company, ex-boyfriend and 200 other people at the Four Seasons, and now my own father and (rather athletic sister) know I truly suck at throwing a disc as well.

Besides my lack of talent, the day was awesome. Kids were running around- I got my nephew Kellen to say all the names of the Beatles, and I got to see the youngest, Emma and her beautiful smile.

This week brought me to the Jersey Shore. I had some success in Wildwood. I did a "collaborative" promo at Dogtooth with Ron Johnson from YARDS.  It's the sort of bar you go to have a nice bite to eat (maybe tuna bites) and a good beer or two before you go out to cheesy, more embarrassing places.  I was joined by the owners and managers of Good Night Irenes that were en route to their annual "Dart Banquet." What happens at a Dart Banquet? I was so curious. Next thing I know Jimmy puts an orange admittance
This is what a Dart Banquet looks like
band on my wrist and me and my co-promoter Ron are off to the party.  When we get there we find that the beer offerings are limited to the "Big 3," Corona or Twisted Tea (also known as a recipe for heartburn). Ron and I go Budweiser then proceed to play the game that people should always play when they are at a party with 300 people they don't know- "Who would you do date?"  The options were quite limited and I think in an alternate reality I would be having beers with the help who was the most handsome guy in the place albeit he was 21 but still handsome.  Ron joked that "my guy" had a ponytail and I must have a thing for ponytails.

After a few "All-American lagers" we went back to Goodnight Irene's where Justin the bartender/magician showed me a bunch of card tricks. I even have a card with "Suzy Sly Fox" up on the ceiling now.  The managers invited me to stay the night.

I woke up the next day and had a promo in Burlington that night.  Geraghty's was the spot- and a very nice one- a pioneering pub for the area. The current owner fixed up a serious dive.  I can't remember the last time I had an event and everyone in the entire bar wanted to talk to me.  I took my beer quiz that I often gave out and tried to make it a bit easier. The top score (after he cheated ) was 8 out of ten.  He was nice and told me neat stories about his cruise to Nova Scotia- so I still gave him a tee-shirt.  There was another patron DAVE that had even sat next to Lance Romance at the last Iron Hill Maple Shade beer dinner.
Broad Axe Tavern

Pork Loin at Supper
Yesterday I spent the day in Montgomery County on a wholesaler "ridewith" Caitlyn Horcher from Origlio. Sly Fox co-owner John Giannopolous' oldest daughter, Jenny, just graduated from West Virginia and she'll be joining the Sly Fox team so she came along as well. We were all over the place from Fatty's in Wyndmoor to Springhouse Tavern, to McGurks (where bartender was best buds with legendary John Hobbs!) Pj Whelihans Blue Bell, and the new Broad Axe (which is very nice).  I then had to drop off kegs at a hockey rink by Chestnut Hill THEN go and meet Megan Maguire at Supper on South St. for a nice dinner. I hadn't seen her since beer week. So it was a big reunion.  I had the Pork Loin - which featured pork products five times.  Bacon wrapped pork loin that was stuffed with sausage, crispy pork rind, and a tamale stuffed with Pulled pork. I have been eating no
thing but beets, spinach, mushrooms, tuna and lean proteins so I guess it was okay to go glutton for a dish.  Today- I am working back in the city for the first time since Beer Week ended. I am headed around with Jenny- can't wait to show her some of our favorite Sly Fox bars.

Enjoy your weekends. I will be pouring beer at Philadelphia BEER Co. tonight on YORK Rd.
I will be at the Lansdale Beer Fest tomorrow, and hosting a Sly Fox brunch at the Penn Taproom in Doylestown on Sunday.

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