July 25, 2011

Two Track: Blueberry Hill

We've got 5 days left in "National blueberry month."
I got blueberries on the brain cuz I just got back from Maine- the Blueberry state.  
There was blueberry in everything from sorbet to scrambled eggs.
Now that I am back home I will have to get my fix from Medford blueberry picking (or Hammonton) or perhaps that delicious blueberry honey that Dibruno's stocks.

Here are a few versions of Blueberry Hill- first by Fats- then by many. There are more versions not posted including those by Led Zepplin and Elton John.

Fats Domino 1957

Bruce Cockburn and Margo Timmons (Cowboy Junkies) 1999

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  1. hammonton nj is the blueberry capitol of the world