July 18, 2011

Weekend in Rewind

It was a weekend of eats.  Friday night was "ladies night out" at Jose Garces Trading Co. which has been serving beer for months as well if you didn't know.  Oddly enough I was with ladies I met years ago during Beer Club's humble beginning- but it was bottles of rioja and malbec that covered the table.  It was quite the value with all 8 of us only having to put in $50.  My Orechiette dish was good....but I make the pasta mistake too often. I always want to order it but then its the same bite over and over again.
Smoked Pork Hash at JB's

Johnny Brenda's saison brunch was scheduled on a perfect sunny Saturday.  They had a great line-up including offerings from McKenzies, and the upcoming Tired Hands (a chocolate saison which I didn't get to try).  As great as the beer list was- the highlight was the smoked pork hash. The eggs are scrambled perfectly. Must try.

Tara Nurin and Me at Pourapalooza
Saturday night I stayed in after pouring at the Pourapalooza.  Lance and I redboxed it and admittedly ate white castle burgers (first hamburger chain out there 1921).  Good yet gross. Lance was saying that it was the best burger he ever had....which is quite funny because the onions are a dominant flavor- and I could have sworn he was "allergic" to onions.
Sunday it had to be Kraftwork. I was chatting with Chef Brian at Matyson a few weeks back and he told me he was really proud of their brunch.  So to Fishtown (again).
Biscuits and Gravy a la Kraftwork
The croque madame looked amazing. I felt healthy having a ratatouille omelet even though I really wanted the house-made sausage which smelled like I died and went to sage heaven.
Milkcrate cafe and record store a couple blocks away was the perfect post-brunch activity. I may or may not have bought a YAZ album.

Stay cool and enjoy your week. Lance's bestfriend is getting married this week in Portland, Me...so we are getting there slowly but surely working our way north with a bunch of stops.  I've never been to Newburyport.
We'll see his favorite, Leo Kottke there on Friday night. He's probably anticipating that the most. Me?
My only real goal of the trip is to eat at some place called "Duck Fat" in Portland.

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  1. http://novareresbiercafe.com/

    is owned by the owner of Ebeneezer's.

    and if you have the time you should come back by way of hill farmstead

    let me know if you want me to hook you up with a beer buddy up there. super-nice guy who knows the owners of lion's pride.