August 19, 2011

All Hail King Kevin!

Kevin Walter of Iron Hill Lancaster got to wear the crown home on Thursday night from Earth Bread +Brewery in Mt. Airy.  He won the spray painted plaster and m and m jeweled adornment with his English IPA. Regretfully, I didn't even get to sample it.

Tom "birthday boy" Baker shared that the Blackberry Saison from Wilmington and Lance Romance's Caprice were close seconds.

Flatbread was excellent as always. Ryan Michaels of McKenzies was in the house (It's actually his local) saying the crust was spot on that night.

Baker has also been dabbling in some ice cream crafting (In addition to house made sodas and kombucha).  Last night's flavor was honey basil.  He also used the local honey from "We Bee Brothers" for a flatbread and a brown Saison.

A special thanks to non reader Wendy Domurat for providing transportation.


  1. I just read this blog...

  2. That honey basil ice cream was good, but had he strained out the basil bits, it would have been great.