August 28, 2011

Best Bite- Indecision Edition: English Muffins and Roman Raspberries

Photo: A.Kitchen Website David Fields
I can't decide!  This week there will be two best bites.

I finally made it to for the much-praised English Muffin. It was extraordinary- almost slightly undercooked -but I like baked goods likes that. The perfectly buttered breakfast delight cost $4.  You can pick from blueberry, strawberry, or orange jam.  I am going to get me some dry yeast and try to make them in my own kitchen. was great. I enjoyed the vibe of the room AND they have craft beer. Sly Fox Pikeland Pils is on tap. I can't wait to go back for dinner

Then tonight my fellow and I were sorta slumming it for dinner with clam strips and White Castle burgers straight from Target's freezer. I'm not really proud of it- but Lance was as happy as if I had spent an hour making pasta.
We decided to class it up for dessert and buy some fancy Talenti gelato from Whole Foods. I had tried the Blood Orange sorbet from them a few weeks ago and was in love.  Tonight we got Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato (with Vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea) and Roman Rasbperry sorbet.  The sorbet was one of the best fat-free foods I have ever eaten.  It is $6 but you won't even care.

Hope your week is grand.

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