August 18, 2011

BEST BITE of the week- Maple Pancake Cupcakes from Betty's Speakeasy

I can't recall the last time I bit into something and fell in love the way I did Monday afternoon with Betty's Speakeasy's maple pancake cupcake with sea salt butter cream frosting.

I never got into this whole cupcake craze.
I would watch the wars on Food Network on Sunday nights sometimes but I would barely ever eat them.

I bought a bunch at a Hoboken shop in April because honestly outside of Tunes record store- I didn't know what else to do up there. The beer scene barely extends beyond Stella Artois.

Biting into this confection- was like breakfast at 4 pm. I paired it was a few sips of Sly Fox Rauchbier and I was swooning.

Betty's Speakeasy is located on Greys Ferry Ave a few doors down from Grace Tavern.  They do farmhouse dinners once a month for a mere $45 and you can bring your own beer or wine. This month's dinner focuses on peppers.  They have a cafe that is open 12 till 7 Tuesday through Friday and opens 3 hours earlier on Saturday.  Get this cupcake as soon as you can ($2.50-$3). Buy one for someone you love. I plan on using it as my "get out of jail free card" with Lance Romance if need be.

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