August 15, 2011

Champs Defend and Keep their Title: Nodding Head wins 2nd annual Local Brewers Bocce Tournament

It was a long day of throwing balls in pouring rain-but a fun one. Curt Decker and Gordon Grubb of Nodding Head held on to their title after nearly seven hours of tournament play at Iron Hill Wilmington.

It came down to them and the undefeated (going into the finals) Dogfish Head team.  It's a  well-known fact the the DFHers have a Bocce court on -premise which makes Nodding Head almost the underdogs even though they were returning champions.

Nodding Head beat out Flying Fish to advance to the finals. Competitor Casey Hughes said that Decker was a fantastic player, but believes Grubb was cheating. He also expressed content that he defeated YARDS to advance. "I'm happy that I took a Mashington down."

Decker thought all his opponents were a challenge. "It's almost like work. It's been a struggle all day. I thought Stewarts was going to take us in the first game."  Grubb is contemplating retiring before the annual matchup next year-a similar move to Tim Roberts after he won the Royal Stumble a couple years back.....

The day also provided my first sips of anything from Evolution Brewing Co based out of Southern Delaware. I only had about 2 oz of their Lot 6 IPA but I enjoyed it.

A big thanks to Iron Hill for hosting.  It may have rained on our bocce parade- but it certainly didn't stop the good times. The balls and them kept on rolling.

Drenched- for the love of the game
Tommy and Randy of Evolution Brewing Co.
Bocce doesn't stop at dusk

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