August 16, 2011

It's National Lemon Meringue Day and National Rum day and this Two Track has nothing to do with either.

It's been raining and raining some more lately. So your Tuesday Two-track covers just that.
Rain- that of the Early Morning kind.

It was originally written by Gordon Lightfoot in 1966. Then covered by many artists including Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, and Eva Cassidy.  Here we look at live versions from  Lightfoot and the King.
Today is the 34th anniversary of the day the world checked themselves into heartbreak hotel. Elvis was dead.

The Rolling Stone has placed Presley as #3 in this year's "Greatest Artists of all Time" list.
U2's Bono was charged with the write up for it. He believed in Elvis- you had the blueprint of rock n roll.

 He writes, "Out of Tupelo, Mississippi, out of Memphis, Tennessee, came this green, sharkskin-suited girl chaser, wearing eye shadow — a trucker-dandy white boy who must have risked his hide to act so black and dress so gay. This wasn't New York or even New Orleans; this was Memphis in the Fifties. This was punk rock. This was revolt. Elvis changed everything — musically, sexually, politically. In Elvis, you had the whole lot; it's all there in that elastic voice and body. As he changed shape, so did the world: He was a Fifties-style icon who was what the Sixties were capable of, and then suddenly not. In the Seventies, he turned celebrity into a blood sport, but interestingly, the more he fell to Earth, the more godlike he became to his fans. His last performances showcase a voice even bigger than his gut, where you cry real tears as the music messiah sings his tired heart out, turning casino into temple.

Early Morning Rain

1971 ELVIS

1979 Gordon Lightfoot

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