August 12, 2011

Refreshing Vegetarian at Resurrection

Saffron  Fettuccini
I was starving tonight. I had to pick up a few Sly Fox empty kegs from my buddy who lives a block away from Resurrection- perfect. I thought it had been a while since I ate at the Greys Ferry ale house and I couldn't wait to feed my famished self there.

I invited my vegetarian sister to be my dining companion.  Lance was working late- and would catch up with us in a bit.  The menu reflected  the season. The late day sun was pouring in from Catherine St. We were quite content.  I went company girl and got a Rt 113 IPA. Sis got a Dogfish Head 60 minute.

Summer Squash and Faro Salad
We started with a summer squash and faro salad. Mint and dill scent the grain and crumbles of feta cheese add a  creamy texture.  I loved it. And was grateful that I shared it so I had plenty of room for the Saffron fettuccine that was up next. I try to not order pasta anymore when I go out....mainly because its the same bite over and over again.  But this was an exception.  Vibrant roasted heirloom tomatoes and shredded parmesan added dimension to the dish. I was nervous that the saffron would be too intense...but that was not the case.  It was summer by the spoonful and it was delicious.  Lance eventually came and got the pan con tomate- which I get every time I visit. Homemade bread, tomatoes, manchego and chorizo.  Smokey, spicy with just a bit of bitter from the garnish of greens.  He loved pairing it with the Port Mongo double IPA.

 I'm a tad jealous of my friend that lives a mere block away.  Resurrection's Joey Chimko continues to turn out awesome food. Fresh, flavorful seasonal dishes that complement the great beer list.

We had 6 beers, a cheese plate, and four other dishes for under $100. Now that's a great night out.

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