August 2, 2011

House-made Hotness: Santucci's opens at 10th and Christian

Santuccis finally opened their doors to a room sure to make your nose happy.  We had seen the tan paper on the windows for a tad too long.  But the day has come.
The family had to close down their original Juniata location.  They weren't comfortable with the neighborhood anymore. So all their efforts are focused on their new Italian Market locale.  

Frank Santucci -the gent that built the original with his father is in the kitchen "working harder than he ever has," shares his daughter and biz partner, Alicia.  Alicia was most hospitable and went out of her way to make sure we enjoyed ourselves -way out of her way- she called Italy while we were there to figure out how to use the espresso machine.
They key words here are FRESH and HOUSEMADE.  They aren't cheatin' with anything. They're slicing house-cured meats to order for sandwiches. Making the pasta for the spaghetti and meatballs every morning.  The meatballs have boar as one of the three meats- and they're awesome. You can get four hearty meatballs and spaghetti for just $10.  We had their hand-cut fries with house-made provolone sauce, spaghetti and meatballs and a signature personal pizza (fresh mushrooms), two cokes, two cappuccinos, and a chocolate torte for $33.  
Lance took a break from his pizza at one point to look up and say, "This is exceptional."

So give it a whirl.
Technically they are a byo -so you can bring your own booze- but the atmosphere doesn't really say "romantic" "cozy" or "stay a while."  It's definitely kicked-up from a typical pizzeria ambiance.  Light buttery yellow covers the walls.  There's a rack for wine glasses, and a few plants.  The food is the stand-out here.  And it's nice seeing the owners have such a hands-on approach.

They are also serving brunch on Sundays with Italian-style omelets (gotta see for yourself). Breakfast sandwiches are available every day and they are open for lunch. I think they're going to do a ton of take out too. 

So now Lance and I have one more meatball to fight over. Who makes the best ball?
 Is it Mine? His mom's? Or Santuccis....


  1. Can't wait to try this place - I've been waiting for them to open.

    Also, congrats on your exciting news!

  2. Their pizza is awesome. Our office orders at least twice a week.