September 26, 2011

Best Bite of the Week: Brioche Pain Perdue at Pub and Kitchen

11:15 am Sunday morning-Brunch decision time.  Lance decides after randomly looking on Yelp for a few minutes that he wants the lunch part of brunch- whereas I was wanting breakfast.
He had burgers on the brain- I thought Pub and Kitchen would be perfect. Their iced Stumptown coffee would make the pain of the 5 drinks and one glass of malbec I had on Saturday night go away with a quickness.

We started with the grilled peach salad- which was a wee different than other grilled peach salads (as thought I eat these all the time and have a reference point). They grill the peaches them chill them. Which I really enjoyed because when you're hungover- everything is better cold.

I was already on  the road to recovery- so I could go with a warm entree. I usually do savory but went sweet with a hint of savory in that of the Brioche Pain Perdu with toffee bacon sauce and bourbon syrup. Holy Moly.  Best bite of the week.  Pain Perdu translates to "lost bread."  Traditionally- like bread pudding you would use bread that would otherwise get thrown out.
The crust had a nice caramelized crunch to it- the sauce was rich and bacon was plenty.  They always have Allagash White on tap- but this called for a black, or maybe a dubbel.

They also make a cocktail with the White- the Alsance Lorraine- featuring White, Lemon Soda and Torani Amer.
What is Torani Amer?  It is a liqueur made in a similar style to Amer Picon, a French aperitif with notes of bitter orange, cinchona bark and gentian. Amer Picon is barely in the U.S. so many sub Torani Amer out of San Fran.

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