September 1, 2011

Meet My New Gig

I'm probably borderline annoying to be around for the next week. I am a woman of leisure. I'm dusting corners, replacing my lost social security card, baking cookies,while the sun glistens I listen to Billy Holiday and I smile ear to ear.  I might be taking it as easy as I can get it now- because come September 12th- I'm going to be working my beer-loving butt off for Allagash Brewing Co. 

I will be in charge of Mid-Atlantic sales- Philly down to DC. I'm really looking forward to working with Casey Hard down in Baltimore at Max's and being part of the the ever-growing beer scene in the Nation's capital.

I've been a long time fan of the Portland-based brewery. I remember my serving days five years back when I converted wit bier drinkers to Allagash all day everyday. The dining room would be packed. I'd be sweating my non-existent balls off running up and down the steps- but I would still take the time to try and get the guest to try something different than that usual Belgian Wit suspect. Try something that was a benchmark for the style-from a brewery that has so much style itself.  

As the years passed- I pretty much drank everything that came into the Philly market. I would attend Allagash events when Rob Tod came to town. After the Craft Brewer's Conference in Boston in 2008- Lance Romance drove us up to Portland, and Rob gave us an awesome tour even if he did have his eyes half closed.
We were just as tired- but totally enthralled. They had just installed the country's only coolship.   Rob gave us bottles of the extremely rare "Gargamel." (Belgian sour inoculated with brett and aged in french oak with the addition of local raspberries). 

Everyone I have met from the company has been awesome. They are fun but focused. They might play hard- but work harder. I'm so excited about this new opportunity on so many levels.  But one of the most prominent things is that I think I am going to learn so much. See you around soon.


  1. That's great, congrats! So what, are your philly events going to be AllaDog now? Or Doggash?

    Good luck!

  2. Congratulations! It will be easier to sell Allagash than it must have been to sell the other stuff.

  3. Thanks Andrew- Sly Fox is an amazing brand for many reasons. a)The actual liquid is great b) The local angle is most favorable c)They were the first brewery to can in the Mid-Atlantic. There are more cans entering the market everyday- but they were the pioneer for this area. d)Sly works with an awesome graphic design team at Virtual Farm that produces great logos and packaging. You can have great beer but if you don't have a snappy modern image- it will sit on the shelf. I was very proud to sell it and sold a ton of it.

    And yes-Allagash is well established and I realize I am entering a very positive situation that I can only contribute to and help grow in the Mid-Atlantic. It's all very exciting.

  4. Congrats, Suzie! You are the absolute best!