September 12, 2011

My first Pie- PEACH

I knew peach season was coming to an end- and I hadn't taken advantage of it at all.
I was on - probably looking up a food review- when I saw an old recipe from 1951.
I used that for the filling then this one for the crust.
I had a few switch ups like I used a two tsp of bourbon vanilla in the filling.

I really messed up the lattice work. But the taste and texture of the crust was perfect.  Lance thought it was a lil underdone. But he likes everything crispier than I.  So we threw it in the oven to warm it up and my goodness it was the best pie ever.  I made some cinnamon ice cream from scratch. Most of it went to Lance.  Since I will be in Portland all week-it was an "I'm leaving you for a week" pie.

Wendy got a piece. And I brought a piece for my pops when I went to drop off my month-long rental car. He said, "Suz -don't you remember the Timmy Trainer Peach Pie story?"  Apparently he hasn't been able to eat peach pie since his classmate Timmy Trainer got sick off of a Tastycake peach pie back in the early 50s.  But he said he would make an exception. He thought it was more like a dumpling and an excellent dumpling at that.

My sister has offered to give me a class in crust. So I think I will try this pie thing again. Pears will be in season soon. I'm thinking ginger ice cream as an accompaniment.

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