September 1, 2011

Sly Fox and Me 2006-2011

I could write a book on the last five years. My time at Sly Fox was part of the reason I even started this blog.  It was half meant for beer club promotion and half meant to chronicle my adventures in selling Sly.  When Jack Curtin found out about my departure from Sly Fox- I told him I didn't want the news on the internet just yet. He said I put everything else about my life out there- why should this be different. I see his point.
Well- now it's announced and this post serves as a thank you and a trip down memory lane.  Even if I am the only one on it- it was fun to put together.
I found hundreds of pictures in my Picasa albums with nice Sly Fox product placement shots. I can't include them all.
But here are a few memories of my last five years.

*One Monday I was at the brewery for our weekly meeting when I reversed right into a bug trap.
I couldn't get it out of my hair and had to go to a nearby salon to get the glue out. Unfortunately -there is no photographic evidence.

*I was always good to have a few cans on me.  One time I was travelling back from New York with six kegs in the back of my car-when a toll booth operator took notice of them and asked me where the party was.  I gave him a couple of cans. I just don't think things like that happen every day. Every time my car broke down- this happened about twice a year- I always had cans to give to my AAA tow truck drivers. The guys at Pep Boys in West Chester have enjoyed themselves some Sly as have the Advanced Auto parts employees in Oneonta, NY.  Many of you followed me on my journey would run in to me and the first question was: "How are you?" The second was "How's your car?"

*When the Phillies won the World Series in 2008 - I was hosting a beer club viewing party at the now defunct Tied House.  We marched all the way from Fairmount down to Broad St. I had a backpack full of cans and became at least 15 people's heroine when I passed them a cold Pils or Pale.

*On the first day of Christmas I bagged a bunch of nuts...Two Christmas's ago I baked winter-spiced nuts- bagged them and attached them to Sly Fox Christmas bottles for a bunch of our accounts then I delivered them. It was quite the project. Just ask the Raging Panda.

In the Winter of 2006 I was dating a guy from Phoenixville. This dude had so much P-ville pride he wanted the zip code tattooed on his chest. He got me into Sly Fox. He was obsessed with his hometown lager.  At the time it was only available at a handful of bars. We would often drink it at Skinners or Eulogy.  He would talk about the Goat Races all the time. Finally the first Sunday in May was approaching but we broke up the Monday prior. I thought- "$#!% it- I'm still going" So I got a ride out there in my friends convertible.  It was a gorgeous day.  I had a blast-I met John Giannopolous and hung out with Brian and Tim. They had no one doing sales for them at the time. Sometimes they would even break time away from the tanks to say thanks to Mark at the Abbaye or William Reed for pouring their beer. So we met some time later and I came on part-time for a year.  We sat in a back booth in Royersford and they asked me what I thought my title should be.  I thought Beer Lass- I thought it would beg the question- "Well- what does a beer lass do?" So "Beer Lass" was born. The namesake Blog wouldn't start till August of 2007.  Even though my days of Sly Fox are in the past- you can count on me making that Goat Race every year. And- you should do the same.

*Beer Week 2011- I had to "Large Glove Box" Wendy of Dogfish for a Kite and Key "Throwdown in Franklintown.  I got a Knock Out when I hit her over her Dogfish head with a case of Pikeland Pils. It was one of the greatest moment in local sports history-if I do say so myself.

*During Beer Week 2009- I went on the 10! Show to talk beer and promote beer week. I could've done any beer- but I was a hard core company gal- so I brought Saison, Incubus and Black Raspberry Reserve with me.  When the Black Raspberry Reserve erupted all over a table- my nephew Tanner watching at home said to my sister, "Mommy- Aunt Suzy spilled beer on tv."

*I always wanted to do a beer dinner at a BYO-so it was such a delight when pioneering BYO, Matyson's chef/owner Ben, reached out to me and invited Sly Fox to partner up for an event. They brought Jesse Kimball in from Memphis Taproom. The two of them put together quite a menu. It was a hectic night.  I was charged with pouring every glass all night long.  A server would be like "Suzy seat table 32 is ready for course 3." I sorta got my ass kicked- but it was an awesome experience. (And we did shots of Jim Beam out of Rammekans afterward). The clientele is not typically a "beer crowd." (or are those words becoming passe as craft beer popularity increases? hmmm....)  Before that dinner- many of the guests had never conceived of "craft beer in a can" for the golf course.  It was awesome. The perception of beer at the dinner table was elevated. And once you have that epiphany- there's no turning back. I'm sure they're still going to be thinking wine 90% of the time- but at least beer is a possibility now.

*Pairing beer and food is one of my favorite past times. I don't often drink at the house but I had an endless supply of samples for accounts- so I would cook with it when I had the time. I came up with some great recipes for a variety of beer ice creams, risotto, meatballs etc...Here I am pairing the Dunkel with pierogies and caramelized onions

*ATLANTIC CITY Beer Fest- Dear Lord.  Darn near kills me year after year. I'm pretty much back to normal then Beer week smacks my poor pancreas around ten times harder.  This year was not the same as my beer gals Wendy and Megan didn't make it.  One of Wendy's all-time favorite stories is rooted in this weekend in 2010.  It's a good one.

*Foodery samplings usually fly buy-you sell a ton of beer AND you get to hang out with the foodery team which is always fun.  On a really good nighy you could get a sampling of Jesse's artwork. But one night it was dragging a bit- and I kept checking the clock to see if it was 8 yet. A Coors light clock that is.  So I figured I could make them a clock- a Sly Fox clock. It would be the only one in the world. I was so excited. I went home that night and designed it on-line on Cafe Press. It was in my hands then on their wall within two weeks.  I'm always thinking about how things can be customized. What's fun? What's different- Whether it was making Sly Fox ice creams for the Institute, creating a R5 crawl to bring winter business into some of my favorite suburban bars, or doing soup and chili-offs at the P.O.P.E. 

* I met sooo many amazing people during the last five years.  My day was often made by a Sly Fox fan coming up to me at an event telling me how much they love Sly Fox and appreciate what I do.  I think one gentleman Jack- whom I met outside the Armory Oktoberfest a few years back almost made me cry he was so kind. Here's Chaz, a Grey Lodge regular, at the Hop Angel with Megan and I.

I did soooo many samplings over the years. This one I was incredibly hungover. So I brought a bunch of life-saving tomato pie.  The only problem with that is don't ever think you can  show up at the same store for a sampling again-without tomato pie.  Look at me- I look like death. This is what death looks like. >>>>>>

Moving on from Sly Fox means that I won't be invited to local events anymore.  Have I really poured at my last Royal Stumble?
 Through the years I always enjoyed coming up with a costume and hanging out with all my buddies even if Sly Fox never ever won.

Running of the Beers 2007
Mud Wrestling was the theme in 09- I decided that meant Bronwen and I would dress like Phyllis and Arlene--
  The Housewives from G.L.O.W. 2008

This is me as a Phillies concession lady.
This day I learned the need for dry ice.

Dee on Crack- It's Always Sunny at the Royal Stumble 2010

I gotta run- I'm finally going to make a soccer game of my nephew's season.
Long live Sly Fox and their amazing cans!

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