September 20, 2011

Two Track: Black Keys pay tribute to Buddy Holly with "Dearest"

This week's two track comes to you because of color.
I am loving Allagash Black. We have been brewing it for some time but now draft is in Philly. I know it was on at Bishop's Collar last night and City Tap House got a sixtel of it today.

So keep an eye out. It's a Belgian Stout.
I went through a list of black/white songs and bands/musicians with buddies at the P.O.P.E. a couple weeks ago.  There's definitely enough to do a music-centric promo night.

I chose the Black Keys this time around because I bought the "Rave On" album of Buddy Holly covers and Black Keys do "Dearest." I think it's one of my favorite tracks on the album. Here's the listing on amazon.

Buddy Holly 1958- Recorded from his apartment

Black Keys 2011

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