September 26, 2011

Two Track: In honor of Farmer's Cabinet Tom Waits "Small Change" drink list crafted by Phoebe Esmon

I checked in on my twitter feed for the first time all day and saw not one but two r

Photo Credit : Lou Perseghin
eferences to Farmer's Cabinet.
Turns out-- Pheobe Esmon has put out a great tribute to my man Tom- in her new cocktail list.
So at the risk of upsetting beerlass readers with yet another Tom Waits song- here goes.

Tom Traubert's Blue (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen)

Bon Jovi (with drummer Tico Torres singing instead of John) Christmas- not sure what year

Tom Waits (1977) (I actually think I posted this last December for his birthday)

Thanks Phoebe!

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