September 6, 2011

Two Track: "School Days"

The shelves of the school supply aisle at Target are all but empty and the wheels on the bus are in motion this week as students take to their desks and meet new friends and new challenges in subject matter.

Every youngster is different. Some love this day. Some hate it. I used to like it. My dad sold office supplies as I was coming of age- so I always had the snazziest stationary to kick off the school year.
I'm sure my mom had done my hair in uneven pig tails and I was wearing enough pink to make me hate the color the rest of my life.  

I miss school. I still dream about not graduating from college. I have my diploma framed right next to my bed so when I wake up thinking I never made it to the Organizational Psych final (the one that was weighted to be worth half my semester's grade) I know that it was but a dream. 

Enjoy "School Days" this Tuesday's two-track featuring some of Rock n Roll's all-time greats.

Chuck Berry 1986- at a birthday party Keith Richards hosted.

ACDC Australia 1967

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