September 15, 2011

Two Track: Surfin' Bird

I  present you with Two Track Tuesday on this Wednesay. I'm a day late because I am living the life in Portland, Maine (The license plate even says "vacationland"). 

It's sort of a double tribute--you see it's National Chicken month.  This Two-track will celebrate birds.

The Eagles came out of the season's gate pretty strong on Sunday with a numerical palindromic victory-
31-13 against the Rams. I'm not the biggest football fan-but sports sell beer and I am a capitalist.
Here's to da BIRDS.


This is also in tribute to the Resurrection Ale House Fried Chicken that reappears on the menu this week. You definitely have HEARD ABOUT THIS BIRD!!!  Next Wednesday-Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft are celebrating two years on Greys Ferry. They'll be toasting their crowd all night with special treats and a great tap list as usual.  Come celebrate their terrific twos.

The Trashmen 1963

The Ramones 1982

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