October 20, 2011

Allagash Brunch BASH at the POPE this Sunday with live music from the famous GLO TONES

This is very exciting- as you have probably noticed I have scheduled enough events in these two months to put any beer rep six feet under. I am drinking a ton of water and always stock beets and artichokes in my fridge. Heck- yesterday I even bought Watercress- another wonderfood known for its detoxifying powers.

This Sunday- 11-3 I'll be at the P.O.P.E. for my first Allagash centric brunch event.
Not only will there be five Allagash beers on tap including Hugh Malone (Hoppiest beer we make- our Belgian IPA), Big Little (Beer Advocate Collaboration), Four (This Belgian strong is more for the lunch part not so much the breakfast;) Black (My beer of the moment) and White (great brunch beer) there will be the GLO TONES.  They do a lot of fun covers.

I know we all wake up on Sunday thinking "Where to brunch today? And--who to brunch with?"
This Sunday--grab your gang and go see the Glotones at the POPE.

Here's a video of them doing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" this past January

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