October 19, 2011

Porktoberfest DAY 1: Pork Loin at KENNETT's brunch

Welcome to the 3rd annual PORKTOBERFEST.

KENNETT- The Swede
For those of you new to my hokey li'l beer blog- I essentially blog about a variety of Pork dishes in addition to beer for a about two weeks in October. I usually start it on the first- but I've been busy with that whole major job change thing and haven't been able to blog much.  Each day is a different type of Pork. So I can't do
Carnitas more than once.

I have probably gained ten pounds in the last two weeks- so this should really shoot my cholesterol into the stratosphere of unacceptable levels. 

We're gonna get things going with the simple pork loin.  But a pork loin perfectly cooked sitting on top of grilled brioche joined by collard greens, a poached egg, and old bay hollandaise.  There are a few potatoes are served on the side- but the piece of brioche is rather giant- and will provide enough starch for one sitting. It's called "The Swede" and it's awesome.

While waiting for the Swede- you might want to go with an Irish Coffee.  Victoria- our Sunday bartender was making them for the crew the Buena Vista way.  She whips up the cream first.  They were slightly time consuming but she was happy to do it- and I don't know if I can ever have another Irish Coffee besides this one. 

Other beverage recommendations include- Founders Breakfast Stout and Allagash White --I know, shocker ;)

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