October 19, 2011

Porktoberfest DAY 2: Pork, Pork, and more Pork at McCrossens Tavern

My photo of the Alsatian wonder, Choucroute garnie (French- dressed sauerkraut) is  better than that of the White Bean Cassoulet topped with Berkshire Pork Belly so I will include that in this post. (You can sort of see the cassoulet in the background)

But as delicious and soulful as the Choucroute garnie was- this post is about the Pork Belly appetizer.  The medium-sized cast iron oval that was placed in front of us contained the best bite of my week.

My friend Maggie pointed out that the cassoulet was round--just a great blend of flavors (topped with Thyme breadcrumbs). It was perfect. It's what you want on the first chilly day of the year. And it's probably want I want every day thereafter.  It demanded a German Dunkel to wash it down.  It was a mere $8.

We had an Allagash event there last night. Gen Mgr. Lauren Harris had stockpiled some goodies likeVictor, Victoria and Fluxus. There was also black on tap which would have suited their burger perfectly.

The Fairmount tavern- just got a beyond glowing review from Craig Laban. Take a few minutes and read it here.  Then take a couple hours and head to 529 N. 20th St. It's a nice time of year to be there.


  1. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this place and it's right in my neighborhood. Been meaning to get there.

  2. In that picture, is that thing looking at me?