October 14, 2011

Sunday Night- Varga welcomes Allagash. Curieux, Hugh Malone and other greats

This is Matt Welch- He is the New England Sales for Allagash.
He's never been to Philly.
For a month now he's been asking me about Cheesesteaks (as expected for never been tourists).

He'll arrive on Sunday at 2 pm.  His first request was to find a Packers game. Sorry buddy.

What I can make happen- is the cheesesteak- 
Square 1682 is hosting the 2nd annual cheese steak challenge featuring a slew of notable chefs. For $20 you can sample them all. And the dollars go to benefit the Phiadelphia Academies. 17th and Moravian.

THEN at 9 pm 
Varga Bar has invited Matt and I to occupy 10th and Spruce.

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