October 26, 2011

Two Track: The Federal Donuts Edition

I've been so darn busy I haven't even made it to 2nd and Federal for some of the donut delight that's got the internets all a tizz.  I just know -when I go- it's gonna be awesome. And if they're out- they're out and I can support someone else in the hood.
Sweet tooth Lance Romance couldn't be happier about the new spot.  Like many-he went opening day for a dozen. He's yet to do the chicken though-so this focuses on their sweeter offering.

Here's their  two-track Tuesday shout out.

One of Bubblegum's Pop's best-
Sugar Sugar

The Archies -1969 (The only Live video was not able to be embedded but the frog dancing gots to make you happy)

Wilson Pickett 1969 (this cover went to #4 on R and B charts)

The Archies

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