October 19, 2011

Two Track: Simple Man

I spent the Sun through Tuesday working the market with another Allagasher- Matt Welch. He was visiting from Portland.  I asked him about "his" music and told him to give me three songs that he would want to listen to. He didn't list Age of Consent because he didn't event know who New Order was.  He does now. Because I wouldn't shut up about the fact that he didn't.  

He came up with one at the time and it was "Simple Man" the 2004 version from a band that I never heard of called Shine Down.

So here it is your Tuesday Two Track-
With these Shindown guys and the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Shinedown (An acoustic version from 2010)

Take your time don't live too fast
troubles will come and they will pass

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