November 15, 2011

Best Bite of the Week:Lemon Chicken Burger at Michel Richard

I have so many stories from my recent Mid-Atlantic travels. I've been so busy- the blog and beer club have suffered for it. But I am going to commit to a post a day regardless of how the day runs away from me.

I have met amazing characters. And I have had some really top-notch dishes.

I was spoiled silly last week.  I headed around the nation's capitol for a couple days with Rob and we had some outstanding meals.
All 10,000 of my taste buds were delighted all over D.C. 
I have also decided that D.C. actually stands for drinking constantly. It's the District of Crunk, Crapulous, Canned,and Clobbered.

I should write Michel Richard and Laurent Tourondel and thank them for providing me with the savory substance I needed to get through, get by, function, present myself as the upstanding sales rep I am.

I would have been just fine with a Ben's Chili Bowl hotdog, or my 17th piece of pizza in five weeks. But instead I had one of the best burgers of my life- The chicken lemon burger at Central. 
 Michel Richard-you're a genius!
The poultry itself was excellent but it was the company on the bun that brought it to next level. A crispy potato tuille, caramelized onions, curry aioli and preserved lemon. And  I should also mention the company on the bar- Allagash White. Central had just put it on tap. 
One of the most memorable pairings I have ever had.

The next day- we dined at BLT Steak. Best crab cake of my life ( you have to like pickled onions. Lance would disagree with me on this one).
Plus you get those popovers. Those heavenly popovers that come with the recipe attached as if guests could ever duplicate such perfection.

Stay tuned for many more Mid-Atlantic adventures including Roof deck nights, beer, and all the pizza a gal can eat.

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