November 16, 2011

The Night before the Night before THANKSGIVING at Local 44

 Everyone is well aware of the amateur drinking nights throughout the year-=
New Years, Valentines (I'm just going to throw that in there- do you know how many babies are probably conceived this night) St Patrick's, 4th of July, AND  Next Wednesday night- the night before Thanksgiving.

Now that I'm in my late early 30s- I really am not keen on being around my family hungover on Thanksgiving. Are you? 
SO- that gave me the idea of "The night before the night before"

So we'll gather a cornucopia of Allagash beer at Local 44 next Tuesday. Beers are tapped at 4 and I will be there 6 till at least 9. I'll have some allagash shwag. It'll be a nice party to start the holiday season.

The Pours
Allagash Dubbel,  
Hugh Malone, 
Fluxus '11,

Blonde (Gold medal GABF 2010)
Big Little (Hoppy Golden ale brewed in collaboration with Beer Advocate gang.)
everyone's favorite Curieux


  1. I'm planning on going to Dock Street next Tuesday so I'll be in West Philly already. If it's just me, I'll see about swinging down to Local 44 to say hi.

  2. Will the be any Yakuza be available?

  3. How about bars that will be open on Thanksgiving to help me get away from my family?

  4. Happy Night before the Night before Thanksgiving! We'll be celebrating "Eve of the Eve" right along with you. Cheers! Anonymous #2, Chap's Taproom in Jeffersonville, opens at 8pm on Thanksgiving.