November 16, 2011

Tapestry Opens Tonight

I went to the soft opening of Tapestry last night.
24 lines.  150+ bottles
Dark wood and bright bartenders

I saw a lot of friendly faces there to congratulate Kar Vivekananthan and the Agiato team of Rich Rivera and Rob Nydick on opening.  Carmen Capello formerly of Wishing Well was there in the kitchen -all smiles.  Unfortunately I didn't get to eat. But good great news- they serve food every night till 1:30.  They might even come to share a crowd with one of my favorite Passyunk spots, Royal Tavern.

We took a tour to the cold box (glycol system? check!) the lines are very short too which is good.

A partition has gone up to separate the bar from the dining room. The dining room furniture is casual, and the room feels comfortable but the burgundy velvet drapes add a little drama.

I compared it to Varga when Varga first opened- I thought the bar's softness made beer a bit more feminine.  Made ladies who panned a pint and favored a mixed drink think twice.
Varga made it more feminine with paisly upholstrey, vintage pinups, and soft seafoom green and lilac.
Tapestry makes it a bit more sexy.

Sorry no photos.
You'll just have to head to 5th and Bainbridge yourself.


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