November 30, 2011

Two Track: Christmas Time is Here Again

There's a gazillion Christmas covers out there- but since this it's the beginning of the season- I thought this would be the most appropo-

From the 1967 Beatles Fanclub Christmas Album-
"Christmas time is Here Again"

Apparently there are versions from R.E.M. and the Smithereens but the only one I could find a youtube video for was Ringo's Solo version.

Enjoy this festive time. Take time to reconnect with friends. Make some Christmas cookies. Treat yourself as well. Go ahead -Start with the oysters. Buy the dress. See Tuba Christmas for Free at the Kimmel Center. Visit the Christmas Village at LOVE park, and perhaps introduce a friend or family member to a nice roasty stout this season.

In Pursuit of Ale will have their holiday gathering at Standard Tap- 
at 8 pm on Thursday December 15th. 
Pay as you go - Everyone is invited. 
Wear your party hat.

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