November 22, 2011

You got the Bird- now here are a few tips on the Beer

Every Thanksgiving- Beer lovers can really relish in pairing their preferred potable with the Thanksgiving meal.
I always enjoy looking up articles and hearing industry experts' two cents on what beers should make the cut.

This year's search quickly led me to a feature in the Washingtonian- which I read now because I have a new interest in their local interests based on my Allagash territory.  The article includes two interviews from local sages- Greg Engert  (Neighborhood Restaurant Group, owner of ChurckKey and Birch and Barley) and Norm Yow (owner of specialty shoppe Norm's Beer and Wine).

From Engert:
“We’re looking for flavorful brews with medium-bodied richness; moderate alcohol; residually sweet tastes of bread, toast, caramel, or even light roast; and spicy-herbal aromatics. Any beer with these properties will go swimmingly with all of the food on Thanksgiving,” says Engert. With that in mind, he divides T-Day eaters into two categories: those who like light meat, and those who prefer dark.

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