December 13, 2011

Derby Results!

The beemobile belongs to Erin- our Financial Controller/resident BeeKeeper
Thanks to all who showed interest in my first Pinewood Derby.
The track was first-rate. One pull of a lever sent the four cars racing.
The track even had an LED countdown timer.

My car made it through two heats.
I thought I was out after the 2nd so when I found out I had one more run down the track- I decided to race backwards. This was a mistake.

There was some amazing competition.
Lance is in denial that "Cherry Bomb" sort of bombed.
If you're ever in the position to create a team building exercise for your company/group- I highly recommend the PW derby.

In other news- I boweled a 77. Lance bowled a 100.And I finished the 5K despite an immune system shutdown.

DeeDee's wheels- a Packers fan at work
The Track!! In the 3rd Lane is Brewmaster Jason Perkin's White Bottle

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