December 6, 2011

IPA Holiday Mixer next Thursday 12/15 at Standard Tap 8 pm

Where: Standard Tap
When: Thursday, Dec. 15th 8 pm
Who: Pay as you go so anyone came come.
Bring a guest or group!

Bottle Swap: Bring a bottle take a bottle.Most people bring 12 ouncers but if you have a 750 you would really like to share feel free.

Put your party hat on: It's not the royal wedding but it's our 6th annual Christmas party. Wear a hat if you can.

I'm working on  Santa. He's quite busy this time of year cloning himself at Holiday parties internationally but perhaps he can squeeze a ladies beer club in.

I think that covers it. Please email me with questions.

1 comment:

  1. Saw Santa in the bank at Broad and Sansom on Friday evening. Boy, has he lost some weight! The beard was kinda shorter than I remembered, too.