December 30, 2011

NYC eats

I headed up to NYC on Monday with my sister to check out MoMA for the first time since I was in high school. I'm typically good for about an hour in a museum. This was a record breaker as I was there for over three.My favorite exhibit was the one that served Chicken Curry.

St. Patrick's Cathedral
Afterwards I check into my hotel. I was staying in Midtown East. Whenever Lance and I head up we typically hang out in the village. So this trip forced me to get out of my Blind Tiger comfort zone and try some other venues.

My hotel was on the same block as the famed Waldorf- Astoria. I convinced Michelle to check it out with me- although I knew whatever we ordered would be ten dollars more than it should be. But I felt it imperative to spend time in the birthplace of the waldorf salad, eggs benny, the rob roy and most importantly-the red velvet cake.

I had a glass of the Waldorf-astoria champers and michelle had a $18 glass of cabernet. They didn't serve food at Sir Harrys. Just bar snacks and wasabi peas.
We managed to embarrass ourselves twice before leaving. Michelle had several objects fall out of her pocket that another bar patron had to point out.
Then on the way out the door- I managed to get my earmuffs around my leg.

We then took the elevator up to the starlight room. Nobody was up there. We walked around a bit taking in a few great photos of galas in the 1930s.

We then ventured to Rickshaw dumpling. Sister is a borderline vegan so we went with the sweet potato dumplings. I was already plotting to take my friend Megan there the next day for the Chicken and Thai Basil. Michelle was leaving on a 7 pm train and Megan was arriving on the 8:30.

Megs wanted to check out an "Iron Chef" like restaurant. Also a block away from our hotel on Lexington was "The National," the newest Iron Chef, Geoffrey Zakarian's, chic bistro. We ordered every first course on the menu besides oysters.  The stand outs were the beef tartare and the lamb meatballs (although they could have been a tad hotter).  Instead of serving the tartare with crostini it was kind of chopped up throughout it.  It also had pickles and a nice dijon character to it.  But the bartender did the bare minimum. The menus were dirty. Not what I would expect from a Geoffrey Zakarian establishment.

Then we went to "Upstairs," at the Kimberly hotel a block away.  It was an awesome roofdeck. I thought it would be cheesy- but it was well-done. The cocktails were awesome. I had one that promised "Anti-inflammatory" effects. We had the BEST ice cream sandwich. It was served with a house made salted caramel and black berries. 

The next day- just as I had hoped we went back to Rickshaw dumplings. They were awesome.
Then we watched the ice skaters at Rockefeller and headed six blocks north to Ma Peche. I have been wanting to eat at David Chang's Ma Peche for quite some time.  It was funkier than I thought it would be. We had awesome pork buns and chicken curry noodles- an umami dream come true.

Then it was off to Brooklyn. I had to meet up with a friend there. He suggested Boudin Tent, a Middle Eastern Pita restaurant. They're baba ganoush rocked.  It had a great charred quality/smokiness.

And I was back on Amtrak and back to Philly.

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