December 8, 2011

Pinewood Derby tomorrow!

By this time tomorrow we will have our winner in the 2nd Allagash Pinewood Derby tournament.
I took Lance Romance on a consultant for this project.

Our collaboration produced this fine mobile >>>>

We modeled it after one of his childhood matchbox cars we found in his mom's attic.

It was supposed to be a glittery red but then Lance got graphite all over it. So there's a smear here and a smear there. But it's fast.

After the race we have company bowling party on Saturday THEN a bunch of us will be running a Brewers' 5 K on Sunday. I guarantee the car does a better job on Friday than I do on Sunday.

Stay tuned for results (for all the above competitive activity) on Monday.


  1. You're taking me back to my childhood, I was a Cub Scout, etc. and actually racked up a serious number of trophies in the Pinewood Derby!

    If the wheels are on it might be too late to do this, but if you can, sandpaper the 'axles' until they are super-smooth...combined with some fresh graphite powder, the wheels will turn very easily!