December 13, 2011

Two Track: I've Got my Mind Set on You

I didn't know George Harrison's "I've Got my Mind Set on You" was a cover of James Ray and the Hutchie Davis Chorus and Orchestra.
They're pretty different. I remember the Harrison video with the dog quite well.
 My mom had an in-house daycare and babysat a lad that had a li'l crush on me and he would sing this as his anthem.  We ended up sitting next to each other in a high school history class some years later.
I decided I wouldn't bring up the "old days" of him chasing me around the house.

James Ray (1961 or '62) -Ray died of a drug overdose the same year he earned Billboard success. He was only 23.

George Harrison (1987)

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  1. I knew George Harrison's version was a cover. What I didn't know is how much better the original is. It's awesome.