December 21, 2011

Two Track: Silent Night

Yesterday I was a tad too busy to get the two-track up. And last night was anything but silent.
After having twelve different dishes at Amis- Lance and I headed over to "A Very Joe Gunn Christmas" at Jose Pistolas where I got to hang out with Christmas Bomb - the musical talent of the night. I saw Casey Parker cover Outfield's "Your Love" (I don't wanna lose your love toonighyight....) and I watched the raging panda win a hot toddy chugging contest.  One of the greatest nights ever.

I have to hope that the rest of my holiday week is a bit tamer.
Here's two versions of Silent night.
One from the local, WEEN

And my favorite version- Stevie Nicks- here with her friend Robbie Neville 1989

Enjoy the week- it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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