December 13, 2011

A Very Evil Christmas- December 22nd

Thursday, December 22nd  
at 7 pm things get
e v i l at the POPE.

12% Imports Bridget Smith will be on hand to meet and greet while you drink Denmark's fine Evil Twin beers. Get a few in her and she's good for some comedic impressions or foreign film talk.


Evil Twin Xmas Eve in a New York City Hotel Room-
10% Imperial Stout "new recipe, new label, new year"

Evil Twin Monk Suffers Serious Sugar Rush on Barbados- 
8% Belgian Style Dubbel brewed with Muscavado Sugar  "a first class candy coated, escapist beer"

Evil Twin Williamsburg Hipster Ale-
5% American Pale Ale part of Jeppe's Hipster City Series, each one is the same style but with a different recipe all their own… get it?

Evil Twin Soft DK- 
10% Imperial Stout brewed with Vanilla

Evil Twin Before, During and After Xmas- 
8% Double IPA

Evil Twin Disco Beer- 
10%… the Chardonnay of IPA's… Literally (it's a blend).  You'll dance all night!
Evil Twin Without You I'm Nothing-
6.2% Sour Ale, an interesting and charismatic coupling.

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